Friday, September 30, 2011

Sex Addict Demanded Sex Four Times a Day

Sometimes I come across stories like this and wish I was help of course. A 27 year old woman is a self confessed sex addict who turned violent if she was turned down for sex or not satisfied in the bedroom. This is what The Daily Mail reported:
"She confessed that even after she had sex with ex-partner, banker Jamie Thexton, in the morning, she was still hungry for love when he came home at night.
If she was not satisfied, she became moody, and even violent, and said she demanded sex at least four times a day.
She claimed to have slept with 70 men over the last 10 years, including several one-night stands and casual affairs.
During an interview last year she admitted throwing a mobile phone at one lover after he denied her sex
'I'm not usually violent, but my desire for sex takes over all my senses,'
She said if she was unable to satisfy her sexual desires the withdrawal symptoms were horrendous.
She said: 'Hardly anyone can understand what I am going through on a daily basis. Every hour of every day, all I can think about is sex.'"

All I'm saying is ladies if you have a similar issue, please don't hesitate to call me, I'm here for help.