Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unsigned Greats presents Smash Or Trash

So many people hit me off with their projects I thought it would only be fair to share their material with others and have it critiqued by my readers. My only warning is there may be some extremely wack stuff here, but on the other hand you might come across the next big thing, so be patient and fair. After you check things out, let me know what you think. Send me a tweet letting me know if the project is a smash or if it's trash.

The whole point is to give the artist some feedback on their work. Let's go!

I'll set it off with an established artist:

#1 Mr. Nice Guy

#2 RedNYC1979

#3 Kelle Maize

#4 Don Cutec

#5 TShaw

#6 One Over