Tuesday, November 8, 2011

50 Claims Situation With And Rick Ross Is 'Battlin'

I like 50 cent and respect him as a business man, but I think he's full of crap on this one. Battlin' is somewhat like snappin' on people, when I was a kid we used to call it 'ranking on someone' I think NY heads called it 'doing the dozens'; that's where you crack jokes on someone.

You could rank for fun, or as a precursor to engaging in fisticuffs, but none the less it was crackin' on someone. Some of the things 50 did crossed the line from ranking into getting crazy personal which would bleed over into beefin'. Listen when you battlin' someone you don't go get their ex and have that person talk about how your opponent doesn't provide for his kid- that's way outta pocket. You do that when you're beefin' because you're using dirty tactics to damage that person's image and character on a personal level.

I can only assume that things didn't go the way 50 anticipated given his annihilation of Murder Inc., and Ja Rule. In fact it seems like 50's plan backfired on him and the 'beef' propelled Rick Ross into the next level of success. After that we've seen Rick Ross all over the TV, radio, etc., and haven't heard to much from 50 other than a few records here and a movie there. Watch the video and let me know if 50 is frontin' or if you agree they were only battlin':

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