Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Funny Celebrity Tweets About Kim Kardashian

When I saw these celebrity tweets I had to share them with my readers because they're funny as hell!

@questlove: ......Wait, Kim Kardashian got married?

@questlove: #occupykimkardashian

@BunBTrillOG Bun B Kris Humphries has to be on suicide watch right now. Everyone in America saw that shit coming. @cthagod was right. He is Lenny from Mice&Men

@john legend Well, now we'll get a chance to see another multi-million-dollar fairy tale wedding in the near future. Hollywood loves sequels.

@finallevelWow! I just heard Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce after only 72 days of marriage???..... I bet she keeps that ring. FYI: Coco and I are working on our 11th incredible year of marriage.. We aint breaking up.. F-ck that! #FLTG

@therealjuicy so kim kardashian is single & da mc rib is back , black men r havin da best week of their lives

@uncleRUSH I hope the best for my friend Kim Kardashian and wish she finds peace and happiness

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