Thursday, November 17, 2011

Erick Sermon On His Heart Attack

Coming right after the passing of Heavy D, Erick Sermon gave the hip hop community a scare when it was reported that he suffered a heart attack. The 'Green-Eyed Bandit' called into Shady45's Sway In The Morning show to give a little clarity about his situation, here's what hiphopdx reported:
“I was downstairs on Wednesday night. I was making this record, and I was kinda excited about this song. The beat was kinda dope. I went upstairs and I sat on the sofa and I got two sharp pains on my left-hand side so I said, maybe I’m sitting wrong so I positioned myself on the sofa,” he said. ”I sat there watching TV and then I started getting heart palpitations. Like if you work out, you get something like that, but I wasn’t doing nothing. They was just moving really fast.”

After waking up on Thursday morning and suffering from the same pains in his left-hand side, he went to the hospital with the intention of coming back home. But as soon as he arrived, his body started acting up more than before.

“When I got there, as soon as I hit the door, my whole left side cramped up on me or whatever it was. The heart palpitations was going really, really fast, and I started getting the pains again. They put me to the back to get a blood pressure reading, and it was 200/190 so I was almost like, I could have dropped it right there. I got into the back and they shot me with something inside the stomach.”

Sending prayers of complete healing his way. Don't be fooled ya'll, Health is Real Wealth.

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