Monday, January 30, 2012

Use Cellphone, Get Put To Death...N. Korea

Just when I think the North Korean government can't raise the ceiling on evilassness (yeah new word, just made it up) they blow my mind-- yet again. When North Korea's previous leader Kim Jong-Il died last year, footage of people gathered around crying hysterically hit the net. Here's something you may not know about that. If the government wasn't pleased with how someone was mourning, they hauled their butts off to a labor camp for 6 months. That explains some of the more outrageous examples of mourning that took place.

Well, here's something new for North Koreans. There will be 100 days of mourning and during that time anyone caught using a cellphone is going to be hauled off to a labor camp or put to death North Korean style; that means the offender and their families. Read more here!

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