Friday, February 10, 2012

Basketball Wives: The Drama Continues

Twitter beefs, assistants attacking ex-friends, and that's not even in front of the cameras. Evelyn Lozada clearly has it in for her ex-friend Jennifer Williams. Their ongoing beef must be powered by Duracell because it keeps going and going and going. They need to just put on some boxing gloves get it in, and be friends again.

No one is really clear on what caused the beef other than some high school-like "he said, she said, and I heard" stuff. Thankfully Evelyn says everyone is gonna know what time it really is (Big Jye paraphrase) in regards to the beef. According to the Urban Daily she said,
"When the show airs and the story fully comes out, you will see what happened."
Looks like we'll be waiting to see what unravels in the new season...Do you think Jennifer will throw a drink in Evalyn's face like she did Eric Williams? Or will Evelyn make a 'special' tshirt for Jennifer...oh the Here's a little sneak peek to get you started:

Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt


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