Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Place Of 'Worship' For Atheist

Atheists across the globe will be happy to know they will have a place to 'worship' in the United Kingdom thanks to Alan de Botton, author of International Best Seller How Proust can change your Life. His plans include building this main Atheist Temple and then other ones throughout the United Kingdom.

What Atheist don't understand is that the birth of atheism is recorded in the Bible in the book of Genesis. Chapter 3 verse 5 sums it all up. The serpent tells Eve that her eyes will be opened and she'll be like gods knowing good and evil, and she eats. That was the birth of doubting God, and wanting to be God. So in essence, Atheist do believe in a god, themselves. Now that you understand where it comes from let the chuuuuch say..... you get the picture.

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