Friday, August 3, 2012

Haters Can't Stop Gabby's Greatness

I listened as the commentators kept overlooking Gabby Douglas' amazing performances by overshadowing what she did with the performance of her teammates. Then I watched as she helped her team secure the gold and took home the gold for herself in the individual all-around competition. There were cheers coming from my house that probably had the neighbors thinking we knew Gabby personally (I'm sure they were cheering for her as well). But you don't have to know her personally to be happy and proud of her accomplishments that will thrust her straight into the history books to take her rightful place amongst the greats.

There was a time in the black community when we as a black people would celebrated our own when they accomplished something and pick them up if they failed. Nowadays it seems as though the only desire is to tear down a brother or sister especially when they've encountered any measure of. I was heartbroken to hear about and read many of the negative tweets made about Gabby's hairdo and instead of writing a book to discuss the historical origin of those self hate based comments I decided to keep this entry short and sweet. On a side note I have to give Jason Whitlock a big shout out for tackling the self hatred issue in his article The root of Gabby's hair critics

I'm just going to say this to all you haters out there trash talking her hair.....

At only 16 years old Gabby has made history as the only American to have won the gold in team and individual all-around competition and is also the first black to take home the all-around gold medal. So my question to all you haters talking junk about her hair is....

What Have You Done? 

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