Sunday, August 19, 2012

WTF Files: 3 Year Old Shoot After Shooter Calls Her A 'Ho'

People don't believe me when I say we're living in the last days, but this is just one of many stories that serve as proof of that statement. A Detroit man refers to a 3 year old little girl as a ho to which her mother defends her and tells the guy not to call her daughter that offensive name. Check out what happened next: 
[Edwards, who is five months pregnant, got into a friend's van to escape with her daughter, but the man had retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun from a nearby home and started shooting at the van, police said."He directly pointed the gun at the vehicle and shot it up," Edwards said. Buckshot hit the child's leg, chest and arm, according to WJBK. The toddler is recovering in the Children's Hospital in Detroit. Police responded to a 911 call but the alleged assailant fled the scene after the attack. The Detroit Police Department told the Daily News they have a suspect but haven't taken him into custody yet.]
While the toddler being shot is a horrible thing I found this to be the true tragedy in the story....
 [Edwards claimed that people are helping the shooter to elude authorities. "Everybody is giving him calls — contacting him, letting him know what's going on and to hide. That's not right," Edwards said. Edwards is frustrated by the shroud of silence that has fallen over the community.] source: NY Daily News
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