Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday 6/18/13: Do Black Men Know The Value Of A Woman?

While perusing through my tweets I came across an interesting one by a user named ChinaWhite who seems to think there is some statistical data to support the following dumb-ass general statement... "...black men are little ass boys & don't know the true value of a woman..."  You can check out an excerpt of the tweeter conversation between ChinaWhite and friends below:

The Think Tank Tuesday question for today (and this whole week) ... Do you think there is some truth to such a bold stereotypical statement about black men? I question whether women like ChinaWhite are even going after quality black men? Judging from her tweet about finding a "rich sexy white man..." and "...f*ck the thugs while he's at work..." I doubt she is the type to spark the interest of an educated, well to do, black man in the first place. Perhaps her focus solely on aesthetics and financial gain is key to why she gets the less desireable types. My free Dr. Phil-esque advice to Ms. ChinaWhite and friends is upgrade your standards a bit and get acquainted with REAL MEN, because good black men do exist, they just know their worth and aren't looking for bottom of the barrel chicks.

Definitely one for the water tank chit chat session. Leave me your comments below or on Twitter @bigjyesupreme