Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday 6/25/13: Illuminati or Not, Should It Matter?

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I was hanging out with my son and nephews and we were discussing music. The discussion brought up the topic of the Illuminati, a secret society of Luciferians believed to control the world through mind control and other devious means. My nephew pointed out that certain entertainers were believed to be a member or puppets of the Illuminati which he didn't like because he's a Christian. (Check out the video below to see examples of blatant satanic and occult symbols:)

What caught my attention is that they were saying they didn't listen to one artist because they were in the Illuminati but would listen to another artist whose ties to the group was nonexistent or unknown, but the content of their music was far from gospel.

This prompted me to begin a lecture about the content of the music they actually listened to which to say the least, surprised them. My son and nephews are in their early teens -- the impressionable years, so I want them to logically consider all the music they listen to. I basically had them run down songs and artists they liked and we dissected the lyrics on YouTube. The results were shocking.

Just about every song they had me listen to contained content that was from a biblical perspective, offensive to God. Whether degrading women with derogatory terms, or glorifying drug use, promiscuity, or good ol' violence, each one of their songs failed miserably. The only song I didn't really find an obvious problem with from their lengthy list was a Justin Bieber song (yeah one of them is a Bieber fan) "If I was your boyfriend" was the only song they mentioned that didn't have inappropriate content in the lyrics.

I finally had to explain to the boys that you don't need the Illuminati to determine whether something is of Satan or not/ While some artists are Luciferians or Satanists the real proof is in the lyrics. Listen to the lyrics, if they are glorifying things that aren't of God then find a new song to listen to or better yet look for a new artist. 

Today's question for the Think Tank is: Does it matter if an artist or entertainer is in or used by the Illuminati? 

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