Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday 6/11/13: Should Celebrities Get Special Treatment?

picture source: nydailynews.com 
We hear about celebrities getting special treatment whether it's entire stores and restaurants being closed to the public to accommodate them, or getting a slap on the wrist by the law for offenses that land normal people in jail (ahem...Lindsay Lohan anyone?!?!?) celebrities getting unfair special treatment is nothing new, but this little story just takes the cake....

I came across a story where Maria Menounos talked about how actor Jack Nicholson got her booted from a Laker's game simply because she wanted to cheer on her favorite team -- the Celtics. I know you're thinking WTH...but this is definitely a topic for discussion....

We know in some cases celebrities need special treatment because if things aren't handled in a special manner pandemonium will ensue -- yadda yadda yadda... but when and where should we draw the line on celebrity special treatment? 

So today's Think Tank question is should celebrities get special treatment, or should they be treated like everyone else? Check out the video below:

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