Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Think Tank Tuedays 8/27/13: Is America's White Youth Obsessed With Black Ratchetness?

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We've all seen the horror that was Miley Cyrus's cry for help performance on the 2013 VMAs, where she tried to twerk a little something (emphasis on little). What Miley fails to understand is in order to twerk one should have what we call in the black community a booty (and in special situations what we call a boo-tay) but I digress. This is bigger then the Miley Cyrus foolishness.

It seems these days America's white youth are obsessed with ratchet behavior. For the uninitiated, if a hot mess, ghetto and trifling had a threesome, ratchet behavior bka ratchetness would be their baby. Ratchetness is basically being ghetto to the 10th power, and white kids are sucking it all up. There are a a couple of ways to look at this:

  • White kids are intrigued by black culture and want to be a part of it in some way
  • White kids mistake the black communities 'bad apples' as black culture -- and like it
  • White kids do it to make fun of black culture

 White kids embracing elements of black culture is nothing new, but the question is why do they always seem to flock to the bottom of the barrel of black culture? Why don't we see an influx of white kids trying to learn about or imitate some of the noble and honorable things blacks do which is the true heart of the black community? Contrary to popular belief blacks do more than dance, smoke weed, degrade each other with derogatory terms, and brag about how my money they have. In fact, what's seen in most media outlets is not an accurate portrayal of the majority of blacks nor the black experience. Every race and culture has its bad apples, but for some reason the black community's bad apples are glorified and portrayed as the majority instead of what it really is -- the minority.

The Think Tank Tuesday question is why is America's white youth so obsessed with black ratchetness? Leave your thoughts below or hit me up on Twitter #BigJye.

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