Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 6/16: The Choice Of Being Black?

By now most people are familiar with the Rachel Dolezal scandal that's sparking plenty of discussions across social networks. The opinions seem to vary mostly due to people's focusing on different aspects of her story. Many non-blacks (and a few blacks sprinkled in there) started using terms like "trans-racial" and compared apples and oranges Rachel Dolezal's choice to live as a black woman to Bruce Jenner's choice to pretend to be live as a woman. Some found the whole situation to be outlandishly brazen as pretending to be black undermines the horrors of what black's ancestors had to endure and what black folk have to deal with today -- residual affects of slavery, racism, bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. Then you had those who simply called into question Ms. Dolezal's integrity since she lied and lived out the lie for years. Their question is the same as today's think tank question -- can she be trusted?

What are your thoughts? Is being Black simply a choice? Would you continue trust an individual like Rachel Dolezal? Can someone race jump based simply on how they feel? Should black people be embracing to the notion a person can be considered black just because they "feel they are black"? 

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