Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 6/30: Is It Too Late To Reach Our Youth?

The youth in this country are out of control may be the understatement of the year. If you turn on the news despite where you live you'll definitely see something is drastically wrong with today's youth. The young girl in the video below is but one example of the hundreds of thousands of youth headed for disaster. The girl admits to liking being disrespectful to her elders and loves to fight. She's so disrespectful she even cussed out her own mother. This type of behavior was virtually unheard of years ago (before the government's interference in how U.S. citizens raise their children) especially in the traditional black home (specially when it's understood that you'd be swallowing your own teeth if you ever disrespected your elders.)

Take a look at the video below and consider the question... Is it too late to reach our youth?

What are your thoughts? Have we missed the opportunity to reach our youth? Are they destined for a life of heartache and destruction?

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