Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 6/9: Did A Prom Dress Really Reject White Privilege?

Picture source: Kyemah McEntyre/Instagram
When the Daily Dot wrote an article about 18 year old Kyemah McEntyre's ethnic prom dress and titled the article 'High schooler slams white privilege with beautiful, badass prom dress' they certainly stirred up a hornet's nest in the Facebook community where the article was shared. The comments section absolutely exploded mainly because people took offense to the mentioning of white privilege in an article they felt had nothing to do with race:

Source: Facebook
The fact of the matter is this beautiful young woman decided she didn't want to conform to society's idea of beauty so she designed a prom dress that was not only exceptionally beautiful but one that showcased and celebrated her African heritage.

She may not have set out to purposely attempt to "slam white privilege" but she did certainly make a very powerful statement about loving one's heritage and seeing the beauty in it.

What are your thoughts? Did Kyemah's rejection of society's perception of beauty and embracing of her  own heritage's beauty deal a blow to white privilege (directly or indirectly)?

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