Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Reasons I Agree With 50 Cent On "Last Train To Paris" Being Wack

50 Cent went on record as saying Diddy Dirty Money's "Last Train To Paris" was wack in a  Power 92 interview. Now most people will hear that and attribute it to 50 going back to his bully antics, but I say he's on to something. The album had the potential to be something big, but there were a few things I felt held it back from being the album of the year. Here are my 3 three reasons why I agree with 50 to a certain extent.
I say to a certain extent because I did like the songs, music, production and performances, but there were things that stuck out like a sore thumb to me that prevented me from completely giving the project a thumbs up, and here they are:

  1. Same ol' "Diddy Bop"- There was no visual difference between how Diddy usually looks does and  the "Last Train To Paris" project. Even Beyonce changes things up when she unleashes Sasha Fierce. You'd think a project that used various elements from other genres of music like Eurodance and Techno House would inspire a new look for the entertainer. Had it been up to me everything would have been more upscale -- Diddy would perform only in suits and the ladies in something classy yet edgy and very sexy.

  2.  Ghostwriters too obvious- This is what killed it for me. I may not know every ghostwriter he used, but the one that's as obvious as a bad weave job is Rick Ross.  Diddy had no shame sounding just like Ross right down to the signature grunt. What I found even odd was they were both on a track together and Diddy spittin' a verse that Ross obviously wrote. I was left thinking why not use a different ghostwriter on that track or just give the whole thing to Ross? 

  3. Same ol' "Diddy Bop" part deux: Diddy should have committed to autotuning --ahem-- singing and let his ghostwriters make appearances and spitting what they wrote for him. This would have truly given his fans something different and new from him. 

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