Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love & Hip Hop's Rhianna Look Alike, Male or Female?

I watched the new season of Love & Hip Hop (ATL) and the first thing I noticed were the celebrity look alikes on the show. I saw an older looking Alicia Keys, a Kelly Roland, and yes the manly Rhianna look alike. Her name is Joseline Hernandez and she's probably the show's biggest personality of all the women second to Lil' Scrappy's mom.

Joseline brought immediate attention to herself of course looking like she could be Rhianna's big sister (or brother) and talking about how perfect she was in the looks department, not to mention she was knowingly messing with an involved man. The internet went berserk talking about her being a he/she and of course it got back to Joseline, so in an attempt to show and prove that she (or he) is 100% woman she (or he) took a full body nude pic of her (or self. The question is does that really put an end to the talk?

In my opinion.... HELL NAH! Any tranny can post pics posing as females (those BORN female). Ms. (or Mr.) Joseline if you really feel the need to silence the naysayers, you need more actual proof, i.e., baby and childhood pictures, medical evidence, etc. Click the image below to check out Joseline's nude picture (18+ years old only):

Click here for more pics of Joseline!

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