Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bad Ass Kids Make Elderly Woman Cry

Remember the good ol days? When children were children and stayed in their lane. When there was no such thing as talking back to your parents, and when children respected their elders. When calling an adult by their first name would have you swallowing a mouthful of your own teeth. Remember seeing the most vile foul mouth individuals clean their act up around the elderly? I remember even grown drunkards seemingly sober up quick around a little old lady or little old man whether they knew them or not. How about when a young man would help an elderly person carry their groceries or cross the road?

Well.....those days are long gone and you can thank the government for that! When they stepped into the homes and schools and took away authority from parents and teachers they ended up turning that authority over to the child and created the makings for a society of little monsters who grow up to become big nightmares. So thank you to the government and law makers in America, here is the fruit of your labor, hope you're happy:

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