Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have You Met Bakko Yet?

Meet Bakko, a young, beautiful, talented songstress who I have a feeling is about to blow up real soon! She sings, raps, plays the guitar -- I wouldn't be surprised if she could dance too. I stumbled on this hidden gem last year when I was trying to figure out what was so great about Kreayshawn but that's another story. I came across this video that raised my eyebrows (in a good way):

I recently came across the video again but this time I left a comment asking if she had more videos, thinking I would see more videos of her freestylin' but to my surprise (a pleasant one at that) someone pointed me to her youtube page (shout out to ell walks) and I saw videos of her singing. The minute she opens her mouth and the first few notes come can't help but to notice her tone, and style are similar to Amy Winehouse, but I wasn't under the impression that she was biting Amy's style. To be sure, I fired up Amy Winehouse's "Love is a losing game" and compared it to Bakko's cover of the song, and they are vastly different styles. I picked a few videos from Bakko's page to share with you all hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did. Take a listen and send some love her way:

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