Monday, May 18, 2015

Motivational Mondays 5/18: Loving Your Neighbor

We've all heard that we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves, but do we truly understand the principle behind that command? To love one's own self is to want the best for their life - the best education, lifestyle, career, etc. That same high regard and consideration is extended to our loved ones automatically. We're quick to see people we love (who love us back) as our neighbors, but drag our feet when it comes to loving the ones who hate and hurt us.

In fact, we want to hurt them just as much as they've hurt us. It's hard to believe that we're expected to sincerely love those who make it their life's mission to maliciously attack us and bring us down. What purpose does it serve to love those who openly hate us? The answer is profound in its simplicity. Our interceding prayers and genuine acts of kindness towards those who hurt us have the potential to be the catalyst for a positive change in their lives providing them an opportunity to turn from their hatred towards Christ. We plant the seeds of love and Christ does the rest.

By exercising this difficult task, we too are changed. Strengthened, humbled and refined are just a few ways our character is changed and all of this brings glory to God. So as you start your week, think on these things and love all your neighbors.

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