Friday, May 29, 2015

Why Lil Mama's 'Sausage' Is Exactly What Hip Hop Needs

Yesterday WorldStarHipHop premiered Lil Mama's 'Sausage' video and some media outlets are reporting it as the laughing stock of social media, but I disagree and here's why. Hip hop traditionally started as party music and at the core of those party jams was a sense of having fun. We need that more than ever now in hip hop today, and I feel Lil Mama captured that essence of putting yourself out there and just having fun. I don't think she was trying or is expecting to win any awards for this song it's just to bring back playfulness in hip hop.

Now don't get me wrong the song started off strong but by the time it got to the Mary J Blige-esque singing, it fell off. Keeping it real I felt the song was all over the place but it stayed true to the party jams of the golden era of hip hop and made you want to get up and dance. I do believe I may have heard her paying homage to legends in the game as well which is often overlooked today.

The problem as I see it with hip hop music today is we've allowed corporations to control a culture they care nothing about and like fools putting on a show for good ol' "massa" our representatives of the culture make music that entertains them but harms our people. It's common knowledge that music promoting the 3 D's (death, destruction, drugs) get constant air play but songs that uplift our people get no burn on the radio. So instead of tearing down our sister, why not understand the bigger picture in what she was trying to achieve and build her up? Yes I know her song didn't promote senseless killing, destructive drug usage or misogynistic behavior, and it will never get a Grammy but it did capture the true essence of hip hop and for that she deserves her props.

Oh yeah, and if by any chance Lil Mama is reading this, flip the script one time on your haters and put the original brother who started the sausage movement and the people you paid homage to on the remix and shut ish down. Salute!

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