Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 5/5/15: Is Anyone Tired Of Floyd Mayweather's Foolery Yet?

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The fight may be over but Floyd Mayweather Jr's coonery continues. I'm a strong believer in people having the right to do whatever their heart desires with their hard earned money, but even I have to draw the line when it comes to Mr. Mayweather.

Anytime a person films themself burning money, someone has to say something! Just think, there are people in this world who could make good use of the money he so carelessly burned.

The night of the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout he had a duffle bag full of money to the sound of $250,000 - oh it was for a victory celebration.

If you don't think that's bad check out the following Floyd fun facts:
  • Has 100 cars and 2 private jets
  • Bought a gold plated golf buggy
  • Spends $4,000/day on food
  • Shelled out $450,000 on a bespoke Mercedes
  • Bought a Mercedes and left it at an airport for 2 months because he forgot about it
  • Spent $125,000 on a necklace & earrings for his 13 year old daughter
  • Spends approx $6,000 on underwear since he doesn't like to wear the twice
  • Has a $20,000 golf cart

 The list goes on, but you get the point. What's the big deal? I think the following quote by Dr. Boyce Watkins sums it up beautifully:

[“It’s certainly Floyd’s right to do what he wants with his money,” said Dr Watkins ...But the idea of black people giving all of their wealth back to the white man in order to show off for can only be defined as counter-productive coonery. Manny Pacqiao actually uses his money to feed his community, so Floyd may want to take notice of what a real man does when he gets that kind of wealth. That car he threw away could be getting a single mother to work every morning or putting a young person through school. There’s no pride in giving away black wealth.”] source

So are you tired of the coonery and foolery of Floyd Mayweather?

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