Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 9/22: Ending The MYTH Of The Absent Black Father

For years black men as a whole have been given a bum rap especially when it comes to their children. One of the biggest lies constantly told about black men in the media is that they are absent from their children's lives.

While it's true there are some who have run from the responsibility (and blessing) of being a father, the fact of the matter is they are the minority. This misinformation has been consistently perpetuated to the point that even black people themselves began to believe it.

The following video discusses the myth of the absent black father and the recent information released by the CDC that states that black fathers are not only present in their children's lives, but they are actively hands on in the raising of their children even more than men of other races. Check out the video below:

What are your thoughts? Have you been fooled by the myth of the absent black father? Can you fully trust any information about blacks portrayed in the media?

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