Friday, September 18, 2015

WTH Files: Dinner And A Murder

picture source: Birmingham Police/Facebook
When 20 year old Jacoria Ray brought 22 year old Antonia Williams home to meet her family and enjoy a home cooked meal, she had no idea her life would be cut short sometime after the meeting:

[Police have not said whether Williams and Ray were dating at the time. However, following the dinner, which took place on August 23rd, Ray’s grandmother, Cynthia Brown, said she bad feeling about Williams.

“She thought maybe she had found someone special. I wasn’t feeling it,” Grandma Brown said.
After the pair finished dinner they were supposed to drop off Ray’s 12-year-old brother at a relative’s house and then deliver a plate of leftovers to Ray’s mother, but they never made it to her mother’s house, according to New York Daily News.

After her daughter didn’t show up, Deandra Ray called police, who had already found the girl’s body. Ray had suffered a gunshot wound. Her body was found around 6pm.]source

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