Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 9/29: Does The Black Community Need Its Own Police Force?

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Countless reports of police brutality and rises in police killings in black communities have people wondering how this problem can be remedied? Dr. Boyce Watkins breaks down why he thinks black communities should have a black police force to police their own.

Make no mistake about it, his concept of a black police force shouldn't be confused with one consisting of black officers just because their skin is black. He thinks the police force specifically for black communities should consist of black officers who live in the places they serve. His reasoning is simple and quite logical -- officers from the community will better understand the environment and people, and equally important they will inherently know that not every person they see is a criminal which is the error officers not from the area tend to make compounding police-citizen problems.. Check out the video to hear more of his thoughts:

What are your thoughts? Would a police force consisting of black officers from the neighborhoods they serve cut down or even eliminate police brutality/murders?

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