Monday, November 2, 2015

Howard Graduate Whips Up Guilt Free Indulgence

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Howard graduate Jimmy Prude developed a successful business based around a product he created that tantalizes taste buds while also benefiting one's health. What does Mr. Prude make? Vegan cookies! That's right, vegan as in made without any products derived from animals like oil (lard) or dairy (butter, milk, or eggs). Ingredients in vegan dishes use only plant derived products, but don't be deceived no dairy doesn't equate to no taste.

To many non-vegan people's surprise vegan food is very flavorful with exciting textures, and you don't have to be vegan to enjoy vegan food. Anyone can enjoy vegan food. The hardest part (if any) is braving the first bite, but after the initial hesitance to try something different and healthy has been put aside, most people are pleasantly surprised:

[“Amid the rising health concerns (and cost) of people around the world, eating a bit healthier is on our minds….even when enjoying cookies.”

The challenge of getting people to make that change is getting them to take the first bite. After trying Prude’s vegan cookies, one convert stated “I love them, I think they are better than a lot of cookies that aren’t vegan. I think that part of the challenge when you’re trying to introduce a healthy dessert is convincing people that they want to actually taste it.”

Prude will soon have the opportunity to have his cookies in mouths around the world now that Whole Foods has placed his cookies on their shelves and, according to his website, they aren’t the only company interested in putting his cookies on display. Walgreens was actually the first company to strike a deal with him.
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Best wishes to Mr. Prude and those vegan cookies. As the resident vegetarian I'm saying don't knock it until you try it!