Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 11/17: Future Police Chief Drops N-bomb

picture source: yourblackworld.net
When Donald Sterling's racist rant was made public, he was banned from ever being an owner in the NBA. What should happen if someone like a police chief hopeful makes blatant racist statements about blacks? It would seem that a mayor wouldn't employ an individual like that, but it seems that may not be the case in Farrell, PA: 

[The email was related to a book drive and fundraiser. 

“Good morning. Please click and review. Even a one dollar will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon n–gers gotta learn how to read,” the email read.

Farrell Mayor Olive McKeithan supports the police chief.

“As the mayor of Farrell and as an African American, I stand behind Mr. Burke as police chief for the city of Farrell,” she said, according to WKBN.

“Until you get to know a man’s character, you can’t judge him by one off-the-cuff remark, or else we would have to judge all white people as equally guilty,” she added. “I have spoken with Mr. Burke and consider the matter as closed.”

The local NAACP is planning on having a conversation on race in the aftermath of the controversy.

“As the president, the NAACP has some things in place the city could use. That’s the dialogue we’re going to have. We can put things in place to stop things like this from happening,” Mercer County NAACP President Monica Gregory said.

What are your thoughts? Should Thomas Burke be the next police chief of Farrell, PA?

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