Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 11/10: Should This Judge Be Removed?

picture source: yourblackworld.com
Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens found himself in hot water when he released a jury consisting of all white people:

[“There is not a single African American on this jury, and [the defendant] is an African-American man,” Stevens said to a jury on a courtroom recording. 

“I cannot in good conscience go forward with this jury.” The decision on whether to remove Judge Stevens from criminal court was delayed after more time was requested to consider the matter. 

“Given its potential impact on the dockets in Jefferson Circuit Court, Minton would like to take some time to consider the matter before making a decision,” Leigh Anne Hiatt, the Public Information Officer for the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine demanded Stevens be recused from criminal cases after the judge criticized the prosecutor’s office in a series of Facebook posts.

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What are your thoughts? Did the judge make the right decision to release the all white jury to bring in a more diverse jury or did he misuse his authority? Should he be punished because of his posts on Facebook?

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