Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 5/10: White Vs Black Anger

kulturekritic.com/ reports: 

[Dr. Stacey Patton recently received a significant amount of backlash for her Washington Post piece entitled, “Black America should stop forgiving white racists,” in which she describes the statements of forgiveness given by Sharonda Coleman-Singleton’s children while, “the morgue tag was still on [her] toe…not more than 72 hours after a white terrorist sat inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for an hour watching their mother pray to God.”

Anger is an emotion denied to many Black Americans, with men and women downplaying their anger to prevent being stereotyped as the “angry Black man” or “angry Black woman.” As a recent article on the Grio pointed out, “We [Black people] understand that our outbursts of anger are simply not treated the same as everyone else’s….there’s a very dehumanizing effect at play here.” 

 No matter what the situation is, Black anger is never viewed as being justified, even, as Dr. Patton puts it, when it’s ” a slaughter of innocents.” In what seems to be an exponentially growing number of cases, victim’s family member’s grief is displayed as a public spectacle all while they are expected to offer America some pathway forward illuminated by the comfort, redemption and forgiveness they offer to white Americans who kill their family members, often with absolutely no consequence.]source

What are your thoughts? Are blacks immediately stereotyped as the "angry black man/woman" even if their anger is justified? Is white anger more acceptable? 

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