Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 5/3: Women Stop Chasing Men, You Don't Enjoy The Hunt

Comedian turned relationship guru Steve Harvey has some specific advice for women who are actively searching for a man -- stop! According to Mr. Harvey this exact activity may be why they aren't having any luck with finding a mate.

idatedaily.com reports: 

[“I suggest you stop,” he told the packed crowd. “You looking for a man is not going to work because you’re not a hunter,” Harvey explained. According to Harvey, women “don’t even enjoy the hunt,” but men “hunt all day” until they find what they want. While many women balk at Harvey’s advice, he did tell all of the singles everything that they could do to improve their chances at love.

“What you are excellent at is what men are not. You have the ability to attract a man, and you already know how to do that,” he said, explaining women shouldn’t be actively on the prowl for a man. Harvey also took out the time to caution women against being too easily impressed with minimal actions or the attention that a man may give them.

Still, Harvey took on his point again that women should never be looking for a man, because while women have the ability to attract a mate, they “do not have the ability to find one.
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What are your thoughts? Has Mr. Harvey shed light on why some women who chase men don't have success at finding one or is he way off base with his advice?

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