Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 5/17: No One's Laughing At Lynching "Joke"

It's no mystery that teenage boys do stupid things but this takes the cake.

yourblackworld.net reports:

[...a Snapchat image making the rounds on social media is causing an outrage, even as the participants in the image are trying to say that its intent was not to offend. 

The image, depicting a Black high school student, in Alabama being “lynched” with a noose by a white peer, is captioned, “treating him right at Curry High.”

Unsurprisingly, this created a firestorm of anger from those both in the community and outside of it, and both students and the one who took the photo were both suspended for the picture. 

While the Walker County Public School System did not make a statement, Superintendent Jason Adkins released a statement to WVTM13. It read: “the issue has been dealt with expediently, appropriately and comprehensively. All involved, from the two students in the picture to the one that actually took it have all been disciplined.”] source

What are your thoughts? Have we reached a point where today's youth haven't the slightest care in the world about the trials and tribulations of the African slaves and their descendants in this country? Who or what is to blame for this lack of understanding, empathy and respect for what our ancestors went through? 

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