Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 5/31: When He Won't Commit

What does it mean when a man says he wants to be with a woman but when it's time to commit he's reluctant or just won't do it? Accord to idatedaily.com it means he's really not interested. 

Check out the following excerpt:

[There are things about you that he may enjoy (e.g. your conversation, your physique, your sense of humor, etc.), but if you know anything about human beings, it’s that they move quickly on things that they really want. 

This is not a “man thing,” this is a human thing. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Why would any sane person deprive themselves of an opportunity to be with someone they know will bring joy to their lives? It’s because they’re still looking for that individual. And no matter what he says to you ladies, you’re not the one. 

I’m sorry. Men will oftentimes sell women a dream to get what they want out of them. Most of the time, the thing they are seeking is sëx. It is up to you, the responsible woman, to discern the benefits you will gain by giving him what he wants. If you know that you want a relationship with him, it’s best that you do not give him what he wants. If you do not want a relationship with him and you want the same thing he wants, then go for it. 

Beware though, most women are not biologically wired for casualties as it pertains to intimacy, so when you’re choosing to share your body with a man you’re not interested in building something with, understand that you’re taking a huge risk and may find yourself regretting your decision over time. All causalities do not end in blissful pleasure. Some leave you diseased, heartbroken, and/or running from a crazy wife and/or girlfriend.] source

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the notion that a man who won't commit simply isn't interested or could is there more to it? Was the author's take on the non-committing man oversimplified or spot on?

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