Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Did Lil Wanye Smash It?

I came across a story about Lil' Wayne passed out in his boxers with a groupie snappin' a quick picture of her and him unbeknownst to him (he was sleep duh). Typically I stay away from stories like this on my blog, but I'll keep it 100, I'm actually a little curious. Honestly she's not bad on the eyes.

Whether you like him or not, you can't overlook the fact that Wayne has a track record of smashing some dime pieces. His list of baby momma's alone is impressive... ahem -- Lauren London -- nuff said.

I'm only including this picture because I know you nosy people want to see what I'm talking about...shame on you all.

I hear she's a dancer and from the look on his face she may have showed him a few of her 'moves'. Lil Wanye if you read this hit me up and let me know if you smashed or not, I won't tell *wink*.

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