Monday, July 30, 2012

How Much Money Does Your Favorite Rapper Have?

Everyday we're bombarded with braggadocious songs (unless you're like me and don't listen to the radio anymore) about lavish lifestyles, exotic women & cars and the abundance of money all at the fingertips of rappers. So thanks to a list of the top 20 richest rappers was put together, and now we'll see just how true their claims in their records are.

1st the criteria for inclusion to the list:
"We started off with more than 50 artists in the hip hop industry, then narrowed the list down to the top 20 richest rappers alive today. The moguls on this list control over $3 billion. The vast majority of the people on this list are African-American which unfortunately is rare for a list on Celebrity Net Worth. One common theme among these richest rappers is that they all have leveraged their popularity to launch new business ventures. Many of these artists made far more money outside of hip hop than they ever did selling records. There are actually 22 artists on this list thanks to a handful of ties, we also included three bonus celebrities who are not rappers but have had a major influence on the genre. The secret to being one of the richest rappers seems to be in clothing lines, owning your own record label and investing in commercial products you sell to the mass public."*
And here are the results:
"#20 Rick Ross – Net Worth $25 Million
#19 Tie between T-Pain and T.I – Net Worth $30 Million
  1. #18 Nelly – Net Worth $55 Million
  2. #17 Busta Rhymes – Net Worth $60 Million
  3. #16 Ludacris – Net Worth $65 Million
  4. #15 Beastie Boys – Net Worth $75 Million Each
  5. #14 Timbaland – Net Worth $75 Million
  6. #13 Pharrell Williams – Net Worth $77.5 Million
  7. #12 Tie between LL Cool J and Akon – Net Worth $80 Million
  8. #11 Kanye West – Net Worth $90 Million
  9. #10 Lil Wayne – Net Worth $95 Million
  10. #9 Ice Cube – Net Worth $100 Million
  11. #8 Snoop Dogg – Net Worth $110 Million
  12. #7 Birdman – Net Worth $115 Million
  13. #6 Eminem – Net Worth $120 Million
  14. #5 50 Cent – Net Worth $250 Million
  15. #4 Dr. Dre – Net Worth $260 Million
  16. #3 Master P – Net Worth $350 Million
  17. #2 Jay-Z – Net Worth $475 Million
  18. #1 Diddy – Net Worth $500 Million"

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Now when you hear a rapper bragging about how much money they have you can tell them they ain't even in the top 20.

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