Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Needles On A Plane!

If you thought the movie 'Snakes on a plane' was frightening wait until you read this!

"Jim Tonjes was high above North America when he bit into a hot turkey sandwich aboard a Delta Air Lines flight and felt a sudden jab in his mouth.
Glancing down, he noticed what looked like a sewing needle in the food. Another passenger on the plane reported the same thing.
At first, he thought a toothpick meant to hold the sandwich together had punctured the roof of his mouth. When he pulled it out, 'it was a straight needle, about one inch long, with sharp points on both ends.'
Now U.S. and European authorities are trying to determine how the needles got into meals served on at least four Delta flights from Amsterdam to the U.S. and why anyone would place them there.
'We are keeping all options open because at this moment, we have no idea why somebody or something put needles inside the sandwiches,' said Robert van Kapel, a spokesman for Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.
The FBI and the airport's police department have opened criminal investigations. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said it does not view the matter as a national security threat." source:

If it's one thing Samuel L. Jackson can't stand, it's needles on a plane:

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