Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Retired Airline Captain Shattered The Lazy Black Man Myth, Here's How!

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Captain Calvin "Cal" Flanigan retired from Delta Airlines as the finest example of what an employee should be. He set an astonishing record at the company and singlehandedly dispelled the myth of blacks being lazy and/or poor workers:

[Delta Airlines Captain Calvin “Cal” Flanigan spent 45 years with the company. Thirty-seven of his years were spent as a pilot. He did not miss one single day of work in nearly five decades.

The stereotype of the lazy black male has been perpetuated by movies, games, and even the presidential candidates themselves. Instead of arguing about it, this man taught the racist culture a lesson by setting an example, a perfect one. In addition to his perfect attendance, for nearly the last decade, he was the number one employee of the nation’s largest airline...

...More than his achievement in flight, Flanigan demonstrated a work ethic that is the envy of the company by never missing a single day of work. Fox 4 quotes Steve Dickson from Delta as saying, “I don’t think that’s something that will ever be replicated, certainly [not] in my lifetime.” Flanigan would have made that record even harder to beat, but Delta pilots have a mandatory retirement age of 65.]source
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