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Why Stephen R. Stafford II Should Inspire You

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Typically when you hear stories about black males (young or old) in mainstream media it's cringe worthy news. Then to add insult to injury, you have sites like WorldStarHipHop that glorifies shameful behavior among black folks all in the name of entertainment -- creating a devastating cycle of people entertained by coonery and then mimicking what they see in the twisted hopes of going viral.

My challenge to WorldStarHipHop and other sites like it. Let's see more stories like this one on your site(s). If the viewers of your site see more content like this then maybe it will influence them to better themselves.  On with the show...

Stephen R. Stafford II is a 17 year who will inspire you to always do your best. He's a good great example of the type of excellence being produced in the black community these days:

[Stafford, who is from Lithonia, Georgia, started his education playing school with his older sister when he was only 2 years old. Now 17, he is set to graduate college with a triple major and could complete medical school by the time he turns 22. 

Many of the horror stories we hear about the African American achievement gap, particularly for black males, is related to public schools. Stafford’s mother was not about to take that chance and homeschooled him. By the time he was 11, his mother found that he was too smart for her to teach, even though she was quite intelligent. She had him audit Algebra II at Morehouse College in Atlanta. The next year he aced precalculus and Morehouse College allowed him to officially enroll. 

Though he will graduate this year with a triple major in pre-med, mathematics and computer science, he doesn’t see it as anything special. In 2010, he was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know what the big deal was about…I just knew it was the next step in my education–and I’m gonna do what my mother tells me to do.” Now those are words of wisdom worthy of a young man who has just been named one of the “World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.” 

After graduation, Stafford will attend Morehouse’s School of Medicine and one day specialize in obstetrics and fertility. The classically trained pianist says, ““I’m just like any other kid. I just learn very, very quickly.”]source

The takeaway from this story is to strive for nothing less than excellence in whatever you do. Be aware of the statistical data in regards to black boys and men, but don't become a statistic. Find your excellence within.

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