Monday, October 12, 2015

Motivational Mondays 10/12: Positive Affirmations For Success


Within your mind there is an ongoing recording that plays nonstop everyday. The contents of the recording are the negative names you've been called throughout your life, doubts people have placed on your abilities, reminders of every failure you've had and all of these things create doubt within your own self. All of these things may have hindered you from achieving goals you may have set for yourself or killed dreams you may have once had, but today you will finally harness the power of positivity and reclaim those lost dreams. 

This week's message is all about positive thinking in the form of positive affirmations. The affirmations you develop for yourself will help you to achieve your dreams and reach your highest potential by simply reprogramming your mind; overwriting negative thoughts of yourself, and replacing them with positive thoughts about your character and abilities. Ready to get started? Check out today's message:

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