Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 10/13: Women, Cover Up Or Else?

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I'm sure the title of this blog entry caught your attention as it was intended to do. The title for some women is how they process Minister Louis Farrakhan's instruction for women to dress modestly. Some have felt that he wants women to go back to an archaic existence where they are viewed as merely instruments for men's pleasure. Some have stated that he is putting the blame for women being degraded, attacked and raped solely on women and not men who commit the acts. There are other who totally agree with the notion that today's women need to reclaim respect for themselves by dressing properly -- covering up their goods. 

[Farrakhan began his analysis by noting that "the woman is everything in the way of building civilization...she is the mother of civilization." He went on to say that today, women are stripped of their clothes and men cannot think straight because the beauty of women, such as Beyoncé, mesmerizes them. Even religious leaders are subject to this distraction when a woman "disrobes" herself; as a result, they lose focus on the Bible or Quran. Farrakhan further suggested that when a woman is stripped of her clothing, a man becomes a dog on the prowl. They make a man treat them like an object of sex rather than the creative geniuses that they are.] source

The truth of the matter is our culture thrives off of hypersexualizing women in all forms of media and young girls look at this material thus equating wearing less clothes with being beautiful & sexy. While his words may come from a Muslim perspective on how women are to carry themselves, there is no denying that it's human nature to judge a book by its cover. Wisdom tells us not to judge people based solely off of their appearance but by the content of their character, but let's face it, the majority of society isn't wise. How you present yourself dictates how you will be treated whether male or female. A man wearing sagging pants, a skirt length t-shirt, and gold fronts in his mouth will not be looked upon as being in the same league as a man in a suit and tie. That's just the reality we're living in.

Likewise a scantily dressed woman will not command respect the same as a woman modestly dressed. This is not to say that women with little to nothing on is "asking for it", no person has the right to physically violate another because of how that person is dressed; what it is saying is that if we (men and women alike) want to be respected and taken seriously, we need to carry ourselves properly, presentation is everything.

What are your thoughts? Should women stop wearing such revealing clothes? Is Minister Farrakhan right in his assessment of how women are dressing today or is he completely off his rocker? If there should be standards for how women dress, shouldn't there be similar ones addressing proper attire for men? 

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