Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 10/27: What Turns Women Into Gold Diggers?

If a woman's expectation of a potential suitor is that he's able to provide for her financially does that make her a gold digger? If not, what makes a woman a gold digger and where does that mindset come from? The video below gives two different women's perspective on men providing financial stability. One woman feels that men who can't provide financial stability aren't men at all and women should stay clear of that type of man.

 The other woman takes into consideration other variables (such as difficulty finding jobs) that can have adverse effects on how or if a man can provide for his woman. This is definitely a topic for the water cooler. Take a look at this video and see which frame of thought you agree with:

What are your thoughts? Should a man's ability to provide for a woman financially determine if he is a man or not? Should financial stability be a primary determining factor in a woman's selection process when choosing a mate?

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