Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 10/20: Women Addicted To 'Man Sauce'?

A recent study has come out which points to the possibility of women being addicted to -- men's semen. Yes you read correctly, there is a study theorizing that women may be physically addicted to a man's man sauce. While this may sound silly, the science behind it is no laughing matter:

[Scientists have found that when semen is absorbed into the bloodstream following vaginal intercourse, it helps relieve anxiety and depression and can also help reduce any pain, discomfort, or cramps from PMS. When women get used to the positive effects, they can experience “semen withdrawals” which leaves them more angry, hypersensitive, and irritable.

The hormones testosterone, estrogen, prolactin and prostaglandins in semen are all absorbed through the vaginal walls and help elevate a woman’s mood. Biologically, scientists believe that these added benefits for intercourse is one of the incentives that keeps couples together by making intercourse about more than just procreation.

The Gallup poll used to formulate the theory of semen addiction gathered information from 293 college women, and in addition to the above findings, Gallup also found that women who did not use condoms were more vulnerable to “the rebound effect” where they were most likely to seek out new partners as soon as a relationship was over.

For those who are not convinced that the information is reliable, Gallup controlled for such variables as method of contraception, how often a woman had intercourse and how a woman perceived her relationship. This study was deemed, “the first serious attempt to investigate the effect of semen chemistry on women,” and the results were replicated using a much larger sample size of 700 women.]source

What are your thoughts? Do you think the study is ridiculous or there might be something to it? Is there a direct correlation between a woman's mental health and the chemistry of semen?

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