Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Year Old Dies In Daycare's Hot Van

When are people going to finally get it? Check and double check your vehicles for children. I've tried to understand how anyone could forget a child is in a vehicle, and the only thing I could come up with is maybe they had so much on their mind that they truly forget. If that's the case, we need instruments to remind us.

Please watch the video here!

In my opinion, it should be mandatory for any child care center that uses transportation for children to implement a system that alerts when a child is still left in the vehicle.
This can be easily done with the use of RFID transmitters & readers. Each child wears an indentifying tag embedded with an RFID transmitter that is scanned by an RFID reader which would keep track of those entering and exiting the vechile, sounding an alarm if the same number that entered the vehicle didn't exit it.

A similar system could and should be used in parents vehicles, and maybe in this particular situation the alarm could sound on the car as well as communicating with the parent's smartphone. Something must be done to prevent these unnecessary deaths.