Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eddie Long's Mega Church Is Shrinking

Now I don't want to speculate on who did what, but there are a few things that stood out to me in this whole Eddie Long case. The first is from an early age I was taught that if I didn't do something then don't admit to it, and be very vocal about not having done what ever I may have been accused of. One would think that if the men in the church accused Eddie Long their once trusted mentor and pastor of having sex with them, if he didn't do it he would have firmly stated that they were lying. Instead, it seemed like he was playing word games by not given a definite yes or no answer.

The second thing is no matter how many people accuse me of doing something I didn't do, I would not back down from saying I didn't do it and I definitely wouldn't settle in, out, or around court. He settled out of court with his accusers, can you say suspicious?

The third thing is if I went to court for something I didn't do, when the case was over I'd let the whole world know I fidn't do anything. Long has been tight lipped, returning to church as if nothing ever happened.

Well according to NewsOne Eddie Long's mega church empire is crumbling because of three things. The first, loss of members & leadership, Bernice King --the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr has already resigned Long's church. The second, revenue is down. Last year the church took in a whopping $20 million, including a healthy portion for Long. The money isn't flowing like it did a year ago. The church has had to layoff a couple workers, and cut salaries by 10%.

The third and final reason Eddie Long's Empire is crumbling may be the most important of them all. According to the article, Long's "lack of humility" is what is truly hurting his church. Riding around in a Bentley, bringing in "$1 million in salary from his charity", owning a mansion with 9 bathrooms, and finally settling out of court for rumored millions with accussers who say he engaged in homosexual sex with them, then returning to church without making the slightest statement about the trial to his followers. In a nutshell it seems like Eddie Long's lavish lifestyle may be catching up with him. I guess we'll have to wait and see.