Thursday, June 16, 2011

Man Graduates At Age 99

In a move proving it's never too late to better yourself Leo Plass graduated at age 99. He dropped out of college in 1932 and recently picked up where he left off and graduated a couple of days ago. Originally, Mr. Plass was pursuing his associates to become a teacher which at the time paid $80/month.

For some of you slow people out there keep in mind the times in which he was going to school. He actually dropped out for valid reasons:
  • his bank failed
  • $80/month wasn't gonna cut it
  • the Great Depression was going on
He decided to drop out when his friend offered him a position in a logging job that paid a whopping $150/month (a lot of bread back then especially during the Great Depression)

Shout out to Mr. Plass for finishing what you started!