Sunday, June 5, 2011

Don't Mess With "Lady Marmalade"

Patti La Belle is in big trouble for a move that comes straight from a gangsta flick. She allegedly ordered the ass kicking of a guy who was standing too close to her expensive luggage. she gave the order and a quick ass kicking took place. The man was thrown into a cement pillar and when he tried to get back to his feet he kept falling.

Dude is suing everyone! Patti LaBelle, her security the airport, hell you can expect to get sued just for watching the clip below! But seriously, dude had blood on his shirt and had his head wrapped in the video so he might have taken a real bad 'L'. Towards the end of the video (when a cop is taking pictures with Patti...ahem) you can see the guy's blood on the ground. Check the video out below: