Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ja Rule Wants His GED

Ja Rule is about to head to jail and he told TMZ that while he's locked down he plans on getting his GED, write a book, and possibly learn an instrument.

Okay when I first got this I was thinking this cat is around my age give or take a few years and doesn't have his GED? Especially after 50 shut him down? SMH .... but what's funny is how he has all of these goals he wants to acheive while in prison, yet as a free man he didn't do any of these.

When are my people going to wake up out of their slumber and realize to make it (and keep it) in this world you need an education. College may not be for everyone but at least take the first step and finish high school so you can at least be in a position to take which ever path you want- college, trade school, etc.