Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Freaky Preacher Giving Head in Prison...

What's the deal with these ol' freak nasty preachers? First you have Eddie Long with his 4 boys, and now you have this.... (brace yourself)

First of all let me just say dude is 70 years old. (*side note- I didn't think 70 year olds still got their freak on). Well 70 year old Frank DeTucci was a prison chaplain that fessed up to paying an inmate for oral sex. DeTucci is a deacon at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church....talk about a "dirty deacon" SMH.

On the bright side of things, he's facing up to four years in prison, and if he's convicted then he can get all the oral sex he wants....for free....I'm just sayin.....yuck!