Thursday, July 7, 2011

WTF Files: Black Jesus....With a Jheri Curl?!?!?

The thought of a Black Jesus is nothing new (at least for some of us). Most people are used to the portraits of Jesus as a blonde hair blue-eyed white man, and there are even blacks who identify with that image when they think of Jesus.

For the well studied and concious brothers and sisters we know that portrayal of Jesus is highly unlikely but I digress.

For those who think Jesus was a black man, what type of image pops into your mind? Does he have long hair? an afro perhaps? or maybe dreads?

Possibly, but what about a good ol' Jheri curl? No your eyes didn't decieve you, I said a Jheri know, that hair style that ruined many sheets, pillow cases and head rests....not to mention the one that almost did MJ in! Well believe it or not someone made a Jheri curl Jesus Check out the image.

Here are a few other people who've made it to the Jheri Curl Juice Hall of Fame:

I'd love some feedback on whether the Jheri curl Jesus is cool or not, leave comments below or hit me up on twitter: @bigjyesupreme